Materials :

1 paper plate
green construction paper(sugar paper or colored paper)
red construction paper(---ditto-->
template of riboon (teacher prepare template using cardboard)
red glitters
golden glitters


1. Cut the inner circle of the paper plate out. Keep it for other use.

2. Let children tear the green construction paper (about 1" X 1") into pieces of any shape.

3. Paste the torn green paper onto the ring of the paper plate. They should overlap each other a bit. Do this on both sides of the plate ring.

4. After that, the children can trace the ribbon template on the red construction paper and cut it out. Paste the ribbon onto the wreath.

5. Put glue in small circles on certain parts of the wreath. Sprinkle red glitters on it to represent red berries.

6. Glue some golden glitters on the ribbon too.

NOTE : The inner cut out plate should be kept for other craft work and not thrown away.

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Dated: December 16, 1999