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Hatching Classroom Projects by National 4-H Curriculum
Helper's Guide : Beginner Grades 2-5. Pdf file.

Embroylogy in the Classroom : A closer look by Phillip J. Clauer
Power Point Presentation.

Chick Embroylogy : Hatching Eggs in the Classroom
Grades 3-4

Embryology Theme Unit
Science, level: Elementary

Agriculture Literacy Week : Teacher Resource Guide
Poulty facts and worksheets included in this pdf file

All About Chickens
Facts, ideas, printables and more. Good site.

The Topic: Eggs
Everything about eggs. Links to Lesson Plans and more.

The Little Red Hen Crafts and Lesson Plan Printable Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten
Good site.

Life Cycle of a Chicken Poster
Free colorful printables for the preschool classroom

Eggs, The Inside Story
A Science Based Unit for Students aged 9-11 years. Includes worksheets.

Chickscope Embryology: The 21-day Chick Lifecycle
Illustrated stages of the egg from embryo to chick. Very good site.

4-H Embryology
Photos of a chick hatching. Very good site. Must see. Watch video clips. Very good site.

Sci4Kids - Going Coo Coo for Chicken
Interesting facts about chicken feathers what they can be used for.

Chicken Little Activities Worksheets


Life cyle of a chicken
Power Point

A Chicken's Life
Kindergarten-5th grade. Comic book and worksheet Objectives: Understand the various ways in which chickens are exploited in our society and learn about chicken behavior.


Free life cycle of a chicken posters
Colored poster

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