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Going coo coo for Chicken
Questionaires - worksheets and what chicken by-products can be used for. Pdf format available there too.

Parts of a chicken
Color and labels the parts of a chicken.

Chicken Math Facts Coloring

Chicken Addition : How many in all?

Chicken Life Cycle Worksheet

A chicken clucks - writing
There are seven more related writing worksheets here.

Integrated teaching unit about poultry for K-6 (Living Things)
Many worksheets here. Good site.

C is for chicken
Practice tracing lines.

Life Cycle Of The Chicken
Cut and paste.

Counting chicken barn
Color the chickens showing number 16.

count your chicks before they hatch
Sequencing 1-50.

Color the picture of a hen carrying a tray of eggs.

Life comes in cycles

Complete the picture of the chicken
Draw the missing parts.

Detailed life cycle of a chicken worksheet

Chicken Coloring Page: Color the Hen
Mother hen sitting on her eggs picture.

Color Code
Add and color.

Life Cycle Coloring Page - Chicken

Trace the dotted lines
Picture of a hen

A Chicken's Life
Kindergarten-5th grade. Comic book and worksheet Objectives: Understand the various ways in which chickens are exploited in our society and learn about chicken behavior.

Chicken Licken

Life cycle of a hen

Rhode Island Red Chicken

Life cycle of a chicken (in color)
Label the chicken

FREE Egg Hatching & Baby Chicken Observation Book
Download the book to print out

Chicken Feed
Ordering decimals

Chicken Feed
Ordering decimals

Symmetrical Eggs
Design and color

Mission: Chicken! Poetry Handout
Write a rhyming poem about a chicken

Chicken Generic Connect the Dots worksheet
Number sequence

3d chicken craft template
Cut, fold and paste

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