The Day Dizzy Duckling Got Lost

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"Come along, my little ones. It is time to meet your daddy." she said to her ducklings. They followed behind her in a row to the pond. She saw her husband, Drake, in the pond. She went into the pond and her ducklings followed. "Drake", she called to him. Come over here and meet your children. Drake swam over to meet his children. "They look so cute." he said. "Yes, they sure do." replied mother duck. "I have named them. This one is called Billy, he's the one with the longer bill. The second one is called Brawny, he looks like the strongest here. This third little darling is called, Dizzy. She's the dreamy one. I named the fourth one, Smarty because he is the smartest one. Trixy is the youngest. She's the tricky one. Daddy duck gave each of them a hug before he had to leave to look for food with the other male ducks.


Mother duck and her ducklings decided to do the same, swim around and look for food. There were plenty of food in the pond and around it. There were slugs and snails, insects and plants. Mother duck would "up-end" searching for food in the water. The ducklings thought it was fun and they did the same.

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