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SDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Time Line by kids
Project using Kidpix by Mrs Taverna's Class. Interesting.
Welcome to the Martin Luther King Jr. Timeline Page
Drawing of kindergarten through second grade students, illustrates the life of Dr. King from his birth to his assassination. Very nicely done.
Martin Luther King Day Quotes
Selected quotations are from Martin Luther King's writings. They give the reader some spiritual understanding of the man which this national holiday of the United States of America celebrates.

Seattle Times : Electronic Classroom
Study guide for teachers
Language Activities : Martin Luther King, Jr
Discuss his speech "I have a dream"
Leader of the Free World : 1945-1975
Lesson plan for grades 6-8. History unit.
Kindergarten Lesson 1: Who Was Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.?
1. recognize Martin Luther King Jr. as a great leader who worked to get equal rights for all people. 2. understand Martin Luther King Jr.'s hope that all people could live together without prejudice.
First Grade Lesson 1: Martin Luther King Jr. Was a Great Civil Rights Leader
1. understand how Martin Luther King Jr. spoke out for civil rights and led protests and marches demanding fair laws for all people. 2. understand Rev. King's dream of a world free of hate, prejudice, and violence. 3. understand that Rosa Parks was a courageous African-American woman whose action resulted in a change of rules and a victory for all people.
Lesson 3: John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Were Influential Leaders of the 1960s
1. describe the main events in the life of John F. Kennedy. 2. understand the role of Martin Luther King Jr. in the Civil Rights movement. 3. discuss the effects of the tragic assassinations of both John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.
Second Grade Lesson 1: The Civil Rights Movement Begins
1. understand that long after the Civil War was over many African-American people were not allowed to do things that everyone else could do. 2. recognize the importance of some leaders that emerged to help encourage African- American people to struggle for the freedoms they were entitled to.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Web Quest
by Mrs Taverna
Links to a lot good sites.
Martin Luther King Jr. WebQuest
3rd - 6th graders - A talking robot from the year 3015 came back to our time so that we could help the world citizens of his time learn about MLK. There was a natural disaster in the year 3015 that gave the world citizens amnesia. The robot can only take what fits into his space tube, so the students are asked to make posters. Enjoy!

Paper Kufi Craft
Arts & Crafts Projects

Places for Kids & Teachers
Poems and songs about Martin Luther King, Jr
"Life Every Voice and sing" Song

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