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Weather - 5/5 Learn about the weather, hurricanes and more. Activities for K - Grade 5
Earth Resources - 4/5 For teachers and older kids. Learn about volcanoes, earthquakes, geography and more
About Rainbow - 3/5 Elementary level. Learn about the rainbow
4th & 5th Grade Student Resources - 5/5 Covers all Earth Science. Good resources.
Rader's Terrarum - Physical Geography for kids Learn about climate, earth, land, water,sky, energy
Math MOL for Grade 3: WATER Learn about water in its 3 different forms. Experiments to perform.
Questions and Answers about Snow Why is the snow white and more ! Find it out here.
The Environment and Pollution Learn about air, water, land and how it is affected by pollution
Ocean Color Viewed from Space Have you ever wondered why the sea is green or blue ? Find out here

Marine Eco System - 5/5 K-elementary. Learn about oceans, shorelines, marine plants, cycle of water and anything related to the Marine Eco system. Simple and easy to understand
Oceans - 4/5 For teachers and older kids. Learn about the ocean
Ocean Conditions How much salt is in the ocean and more. Find it out here.
Why is the sky blue ? (Science made simple Find it out here. Includes simple projects. Good site.

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