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  • MATH

    Math Games Online - 5/5
    Detailed solution sets for Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus FREE! Help with your homework or to practice extra problems before a test. 5/5
    MATH GOODIES - 5/5
    Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies is a free educational web site featuring interactive math lessons for Kids and Educators
    RICK'S MATH WEB - 5/5
    PreK-12 Math problems, tips and tricks and worksheets
    4th & 5th Grade Student Resources Math Resources - 5/5
    Links to Math sites for Grades 4 & 5. Very useful.
    Juice Bottle Jingles
    PreK-1. Click on the numbers and it plays a song.
    Funbrain's Line Jumper
    Grade 1. Addition and subtraction activity using marked lines as a guide.
    Kids@Work : Math in the Cyberzone
    Places basic math concepts in real world contexts so that students are given strategies that bring together math concepts, inquiry skills, collaborative learning and real world connections. Good site.
    Discovery School - Webmath
    Don't know how to do the math ? Help is right here. Type in your problems and it will help you solve it.
    Mathematics Lessons by Cythia Lanius
    Good site. Easy to understand lessons. Lots of explanations and illustrations to help anyone who does not understand math.
    mathSURF Math Activities
    Categorized by grade leves. Lots of fun activities to choose from. Interactive.
    Who Wants Pizza?
    Learning fractions the fun and easy way. Well illustrated and explained.

    Native American Indians for Kids and Teachers
    Historical facts, cliparts, lesson plans, coloring and more.
    Betsy Ross and the American Flag
    Learn about Betsy Ross and how she sewed the first American Flag. 3rd Grade.
    A Brief Biography of George Washington
    Read about him and discuss the topics. 3rd Grade.
    Read about the brothers and the inventions. Lots of pictures to illustrate. 3rd Grade.
    History Central
    A good site to learn about world history.
    Benjamin Franklin
    Learn about his inventions and discoveries. 3rd Grade.
    America Rock
    Learn about American History through songs. 3rd Grade.
    America Rock
    Who were the pioneers ? Get to know more here. 3rd Grade.
    Early America
    Lots of good information. 5/5
    The Star-Spangled Banner Website
    Lots of good historical information about the American Flag. 5/5
    The American Revolution
    An Interdisciplinary Unit
    This web site is filled with information on 27 different people who explored numerous regions of the world. Packed with colorful illustrations of all kinds along with valid information about the adventurous lives these men led. Creatively made on PowerPoint by Mr. Romano's 6th hour world history class.
    U.S. History Class
    A good site to study about the History of US
    Researching the French Revolution
    A good site.
    The 60's Website
    History of the French and Indian War
    Biographies by Spectrum
    34 Biographies to choose from
    American Memory - The Learning Page
    Good site with lots of activities.
    Pioneer Life in Ohio
    Discovery School's A-Z History
    Very good homework help history site.
    The Mariner's Museum : The age of exploration curriculum guide
    Maritime discovery from ancient times to Captain Cook's 1768 voyage to the South Pacific. Appropriate for grades 5, 8, and high school world history and geography
    Explore The Amazing World of Early America
    Through the Media of the Day (its newspapers, maps, magazines and writings)
    American Presidents: Life Portraits
    Complete video archive of all American Presidents: Life Portraits programming and more.
    Findit quick
    An online resource guide/homework helper that directs children to kid-friendly and safe URLs that provide answers to FAQs for popular topics in entertainment, science, our universe, history, and famous people.
    Resources and lessons by Grade Level : SCORE
    History and Social Science. Good site.

    4th & 5th Grade Student Resources Geography Resources - 5/5
    Covers :
    - World Geography Resources
    - Cartography (Maps)
    - United States Geography Resources
    - Games
    Stately Knowledge
    Facts about the United States on all 50 states. Grade 1 onwards. 5/5
    Types of land
    Good basic facts and pictures about land. Grade 1 onwards.
    Exploring Texas
    Learn more about Texas by Exploring Texas Regions.
    State Sites for Kids
    Good resource for geography and history of each state in the US. Facts and pictorial information. Slide shows too.
    50 States
    Click on each state to find out more. Good site.
    Internet Resources for Physical Geography
    Links to many good resource sites.
    Digital Atlas of Idaho
    Lots of activities, history, geography, ecology and more.
    Where ? Geography Place, Games & Quiz Site
    Activities. Has brief tutorials too.
    3-D Atlas Online
    3D Atlas Online is the ideal resource for reference and research about Planet Earth.
    CIA World Fact Book 1999
    Detailed facts about countries in the world. Map to show whereabout too. 5/5
    Internet Resources for World Regional Geography
    Another good resource for facts about other countries. 5/5
    Get to know all about Malaysia
    A country in South-East Asia. Facts, teacher materials and worksheets for kids.
    Countries of the World
    Learn about other countries here.
    National Anthems of the World
    Listen to it in midi format. Find out about US State Flags, facts and symbols.
    Discovery Schoo : A-Z Geography
    Just click on the letters to find the topic. Good site.

    Grammar Gorillas by funbrain
    Interaction grammar lessons for grades 2 and above

    4th & 5th Grade Student Resources : Art and Music Resources - 5/5
    Good resources for 4th and 5th graders
    Come Play with Me
    Teaches children about musical instruments. Play musical games. 5/5

    Wonder Korner - 3/5
    The place for curious kids to ask questions and get answers. Grade 1 onwards
    Online Dictionaries of the World
    Wanna know what that word means ? Get it here. Many languages
    Student Resources
    Website that will help you with your homework. General topics for 6-8 Graders.
    Magee Curriculum Guide
    Over the past two years the faculty at Magee has assembled a Curriculum Guide. The guide attempts to list the material covered in the core classes of Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science. 6-8 Grade.
    Exercise and Nutrition
    An Exercise and Nutrition Guide for Kids

    The Polar Bear & Walrus
    Finger Play for this two animals

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