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Kitchen Science : Teacher's Guide Download the pdf file
Ask Science Theatre Archive - 4/5 Do you have any science questions ? Well, there are questions and answers all here for you. For teachers and older kids
Bill Nye the Science Guy - 5/5 For teachers and kids. Learn about science. Lots of things to learn and experiments to try out
The Why Files - 5/5 For elementary and high school kids. Get the information you want about science here according to topics. Great site
Helping your child learn science - 3/5 K - Elementary. Activities and experiments to carry out. Resource for learning science
Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature Scales Learn about the difference between Farenheight and Celcius, conversion scales and more.
Universal Time Learn about universal time, GMT and more
Chemistry for Kids - 5/5 Learn about chemistry - atoms, matter, elements, reactions and more, quizzes
Math MOL : Grade 4 - Matter Learn about matter.
Math MOL : Grade 5 - Atoms, Elements, Compounds Good simple facts.
PH@school : Chemistry PH@School Web pages for Addison-Wesley Chemistry and Prentice Hall Chemistry. Here you can extend your textbook to sites worldwide, do online activities, and take tests.
PH@school : Middle Grades Sciences Choose the book to go to this online study unit with lots of internet activities. Good Site with many different science units to choose from.
Surf the net with kids - Electricity Links to many good electricity sites
Rader's Physics for Kids Lots of good activities - motion, thermo, light, electricity
WHAT IS STATIC ELECTRICITY? by SCIENCE MADE SIMPLE Read about it. Includes simple projects to do.
Electrified Ben Benajmin Franklin and Electricity
Energy Basics : How electricity gets to your house (by Powerhouse Kids) Good site for learning about electricity. Notes for parents and teachers too.
Southern Company : What is Electricity ? Good site.
EIA's Kids Page : What is Energy ? For elementary and highschool
Energy Quest from California Energy Commission Very interesting site.
BrainPOP Kids watch science movies here. Great Site. Search for a movie about electricity or any subject here.
Year 5 Science and Technology Covers all the topics for year 5
Electricity (Concepts) Theme Page Collections of useful Internet educational resources
The Atoms Family The is a very interesting site for kids to learn about science. Interactive.
The Virtual Cell Webpage Interesting site with worksheets and virtual text book. Animated. The "Virtual Cell" will allow you to get a close-up view of several organelles in 3-D
Scientific American Have a question ? Find your answers here.
7th Grade Integrated Science Core Topics These sites relate to the Seventh grade Integrated Science. Included are resources, lesson plans, pictures, maps, videos, current science data, and information of use to you.
Elementary Science Activities of the Month Many of these activities can be done any time of year, but they can be divided into two main seasonal groups. Good site.

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