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Solar system simulator This is really cool. Just click on the planets you want to see and from where and there it is !! Interesting for kids.
Space & Astronomy - 4/5 Learn about space. Activities and projects for elementary.
LUNAR PHASES WEB TOOL Tutorial about the moon.
Astronomy for kids Good site for starters. Simple and easy to understand. For Grades K-6.
4th & 5th Grade Student Resources Astronomy and Solar System Resources - 5/5
StarChild : A Learning Center for Young Astronomers Facts, illustrations, activities and more for kids. Printable version available too. Movie about the Solar System. Choose from 3 different versions to read. 5/5.
Astronomy for kids Facts and some puzzle activities. Upper elementary to middle school.
Amazing Space Amazing Space is a set of web-based activities primarily designed for classroom use, but made available for all to enjoy. Interesting but takes time to load - 5/5
NASA Observatorium : Our Sun Facts about the sun with illustrations. 5/5
Athena : Solar Anatomy Ever wondered what's inside the sun ? Find it out here.
Athena : Solar System Live Facts about each planet. Activities and more.
How do the sun, the earth and the moon move ? Find it out here. Simple facts. Easy to understand. For early elementary.
What is an eclipse ? Find it out here. Simple facts with good illustrated animation. Includes an activity to try out too. For early elementary. 5/5
What is a total solar eclipse ? Find it out here. Simple facts. Includes an activity to try out too. For early elementary.
The 9 Planets, Just for Kids Simple facts, lots of illustrations. For upper elementary. Excellent for kids. 5/5
NASA Kids : Solar System Puzzle Put the planets in their correct place. Interactive fun. For early elementary.
Asteroid Introduction Find out what are asteroids.
The Four Seasons 3 different levels of learning. Simple facts.
Mars Madness for Kids Junior Thinkquest Activities. Has lesson plans for teachers too. Very interesting. 5/5
NASA KIDS Many space activities, coloring for kids. Good site.
The Sun Good fun site to learn about the sun. MPEG movies.
Tools and Resources for Sun Calculations and Observations Find Astronomical Terms , Daylength-Charts, Moon Phases and Positions, Solar Energy Information, Sun Position (Azimuth and Altitude), Sunrise/Sunset Calculators and Sun Calendars here.
Light Of The World: Facts About The Sun And It's Orbit Information about all the planets.
Astronomy Worksheets and Activities by KBTeachers A good site for free worksheets on astronomy.

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