China Today
Lots of information
Education in China
Information about the education system there
Chinese Culture
Covers food, legends, tales, opera and festivals
Understanding Chinese Culture
Good information. Businessmen will find this information very useful too.
Ways to better health
Chinese traditional method of curing diseases
Travel in China
Pictures and description of places to visit in China
CIA : The World Fact book 1999 : China
Good site for students to start with.
About China
Another good site for students. Briefly covers geography, history, politics and more.
China cultural legacies
Chronological Table of the Exhibition of Chinese History Very interesting . From the Palaeolithic age right up to the Qing Dynasty
Background Notes: China, August 1999
Released by the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs U.S. Department of State
Chinese Mythology
Search the names of deities and places in the Chinese mythology by alpha index.
History of China
Good site for learning about the History of China. Also include is Historical Timeline of Chinese History.
Frequently asked questions about the Three gorges dam project
The project proposes to build a hydroelectric project on China's Yangtze River. Find out more here.
Art of China
Take a look at Chinese art and craft, calligraphy and more
Scenery of China
Scenery of China
History of Mathematics in China
A brief outline of the history of Chinese mathematics
China Homepage
Click on the city on the map to learn more about it.
Panda - National Treasure
Facts and pictures of panda
Condensed China
Chinese history for beginners
The art of Traditional Chinese dress
Facts and pictures of chinese costumes
Folk arts
Traditional festivals are times of special celebration.
Chinese Medicine
Visiting a Chinese pharmacy in the Republic of China is much like being inside a miniature museum of natural science.
Chinese New Year Resources
Activities, lesson plans, worksheets, coloring, songs
The Art of Traditional Chinese Painting
The origins of traditional Chinese painting reach far back into China's distant history. Information and pictures
The Art of Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese calligraphy is like a rare, exotic flower in the history of civilization, and is a unique gem of Oriental culture.
The Art of Chinese Architecture
Info and pictures
The Art of Traditional Chinese Furniture
The development of traditional Chinese furniture went from the simple to the intricate, and was closely inked to the Chinese lifestyle and cultural and economic changes in China.
The Art of Chinese Chop Engraving
The art of chop carving is highly venerated in the Republic of China on Taiwan.
The Chinese Art of Tea Drinking
Wherever Chinese go, the custom of drinking tea follows. The Chinese were the first to discover the tea leaf, and have drunk tea for uncounted ages.
Chinese Jades
Jade has been an intimate part of the lives of Chinese of all ranks and classes. It is viewed as the most valuable of all precious stones.
The Art of Chinese Pottery and Porcelain
Facts and pictures.
The Art of Chinese Dance
Just like the Chinese language, Chinese dance has its own unique vocabulary, semantics, and syntactic structure that enable a dancer on stage to fully express his thoughts and feelings with ease and grace.
The Art of Chinese Bronzes
Its appearance signaled the advancement in human culture from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. For the approximately
Chinese Macrame
Facts and pictures of this ancient art.
Cloisonne : The Art of Decorative Enameling
Facts and pictures of this art.
Chinese Philosophical Thought
To cut through the mystery, one must first understand the basic features of the philosophical spirit underlying the Chinese cultural tradition.
The Chinese Art of Food and Drink
Find out how important food occupies in the Chinese mind!
The Four Treasures of the Study
The four stationery items indispensable to any traditional Chinese scholar
The Art of Chinese Opera
Good site, listen to the music and watch an mpeg clip of an opera
Chinese Kung Fu
History of this art
Traditional Chinese Festivals
Traditional festivals are important events in the life of every Chinese, beginning right from childhood.
The Chinese Traditional Art of Lacquer
History of this art
The Development of Embroidery Throughout Chinese History
History of this art
Folk Prints
A Depiction of the Legends, Religious Imagery, and Everyday Lives of the Chinese People in prints.
Paper Cutting
Paper cutting is a traditional art that has evolved throughout the course of Chinese cultural development
The Origin of Chinese Books and Printing
Chinese people invented both paper and printing
Wine and Chinese Culture
Although wine drinking is a common cultural heritage enjoyed by various peoples world-wide, the wine drinking culture of each people is different. Find out more.
Puppetry : The Taiwan Tradition
The Chinese puppetry comes in two major forms:the marionette theater and the shadow theater.
China : National Flag
Animated flying flag
View zone : 11 questions and answers about China for kids
Pictures accompany info
Beauty, the Land of China
Geographical facts with pictures
Explore China Province by Province
Lots of information and pictures
Good information - Silk Road, great wall and many more
Scenes of China
Photo gallery
Chinese Culture
Lots of good information and pictures
The Language of China
Covers dialects, overview and tutorial
Discover China
Go on a virtual tour here. Interesting site
Chinese History : Prehistory to Qing Dynasty
Links to lots of good information
UN Fourth World Conference on Women
Women issues in China
Time lag between some Chinese inventions and their adoption in the West
Chinese inventions and impact of Chinese values
Chinese Inventors and Inventions
Find out what the Chinese invented
The Great Wall of China
Detailed information on the symbol of the Chinese nation -- the Great Wall, including introduction about Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall and a famous folk tale about the Great Wall.
History of the Great Wall of China
Time Line
The Story of Chopsticks (Kuaizi)
Facts and description on how to use chopsticks with illustration.
Toothpicks & Chopsticks
What you can or cannot do and the superstitions
Dragons in Ancient China
Dragon occupies a very important postion in Chinese mythology
Chinese foot binding
Picture and information on foot binding.

A is for love
Click on an alphabet and it will show you a flash card of a word in Chinese. You can hear the word being pronounced too.
Learn Chinese
An audio tutorial
Children's Chinese Reader
Traditional Chinese for children. Colorful lessons and audio. Requires realplayer.
Chinese Number Game
An interactive math game using Chinese characters. Click on the character to listen to the number being pronounced in Chinese and the English numeral shown. A fun way to learn Chinese numbers.
Chinese Checkers
Play this Java version of Chinese checkers online
On-Line Chinese Tool
Learn Chinese online and get a Chinese name too !
Virtual Fortune Sticks
Wanna know your fortune ? Fun stuff !!
Asian Lunar Games
Learn to play some of these traditional chinese games. For kids.
Chinese Papercuts
Printable samples for you to try out this craft

Chinese Paper Doll
Print out and color the pictures. Cut it out to play.
Chinese Han Dancer
Coloring activity to print out. Picture of dancer for you to refer to as a guide.
Chinese Kitchen Utensils
Chinese zodiac word find
Print out this activity

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