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Slimy Got Lost

A Snail Story Submitted By Sunaina Chauhan Dutta

Once there was a snail, named Slimy. One day, his parents asked him for to go out for a walk. They all went out and Slimy did not see where they were going. So, he got lost. He was tired of the walking and searching so he sat down for a while, but then he found a farm with lots of trees. He loved eating leaves. He started eating, but there was a human, the human started shouting and he ran away from there.

He then went to another garden. He took some leaves and starting making his home and he put the leaves up and down and left and right. He also put a small board in front of the house 'Slimy's house'. He made a big house with a room and put flowers inside. He watched the flowers as if he was watching TV until he was so tired and fell asleep.

His house was nice and cosy but then he missed his parents and felt lonely. He slowly started talking to his neighbors living around and he came to know that there was a party nearby, so he dressed up and decided to go to the party. When he reached the party house, he was very surprised to see that the party was by his parents as it was his mamma's birthday. All of them were very happy to see each other and then lived happily ever after.

Submitted by:
Sunaina Chauhan Dutta
5 years
April 2010

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