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So off went Slimy on its search for a new home again. This time its search brought it to an apple farm. Slimy got all excited and wanted to go there and eat the juicy leaves on the apple tree. It looked so good and tempting. Slimy was hungry. Just when Slimy wanted to head over there, it saw a farmer with a mean face. Slimy decided this was not a good place to call home either. Slimy remembered how the lady disliked snails. Slimy did not want to meet the same fate as its neighbours there.

Poor Slimy had to leave the apple farm and look for a better place to call home. As it travelled, it got further and further away from the city. The buildings started to look smaller and smaller. Slimy could see more trees and plants than buildings now.

Then Slimy heard something. It was the sound of water splashing down and sounds of birds tweeting away. Slimy headed towards the sound of the water splashing. What a beautiful sight welcomed Slimy when it reached the sound where there was water splashing. There was a big waterfall and the place seem so peaceful. Slimy just could not wait to take a closer look. It crawled as fast as it could to the place. Finally, it reached there. The place looked just as wonderful near as it was from far away. There were huge trees, plants and flowers everywhere. Slimy was very happy. It knew it had found the right place to make its home. There were no humans around who did not like snails. Over here, it knows that it is not destroying anybody's garden or farm. At last, Slimy's search is over and it lived happily ever after.

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I hope you have enjoyed the story that I have written for you as much as I have enjoyed writing and drawing the pictures of Slimy. You too can create your own story of Slimy and then send it to me. I will post it on my homepage and inform you.

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