Literature-Based Lesson Plans and Resources
Using Dr Seuss's Books


Cyber Seuss
Lots of good information about Dr Seuss. Play java games and more. Good site.
Green Eggs and Ham
Find out what prompted Dr Seuss to write this book.
Lots of interesting activities for kids.
List of all his books
Lunch with Dr. Seuss by Whimsey by A.J. Guttman
Discovering the World of Dr. Seuss
Grade Levels: 2-4. Objectives: The student will listen to various books by Dr. Seuss. The student will read various books by Dr. Seuss. The student will discuss the style of writing that Dr. Seuss has. The student will discover facts about the real Dr. Seuss and the different characters in his books. (uses several of Dr Seuss's books)
Grade Level: 3rd -5th grade lesson plan. The students will make a class presentation using information that they acquired from a specific Internet Site about Dr. Seuss.
Meeting and Reading Dr. Seuss by Brenda Beaty
Lesson Plans for Dr Seuss Week. 2nd Grade
Dr. Seuss Cross-Word Search
Print it out and have fun
Dr. Seuss Sing-Along for Fox-Kids
Look and sing along with the video clip
Dr. Seuss Day
Pictures of class children listening to story of Cat in Hat story. Picture of their quilt project too.
Dr. Seuss Day
Pictures of children and their projects
Dr. Seuss Celebration
Pictures of children and their projects
Seussville University
Lots of games, printable activities and more here.
A Dr. Seuss Booktable
Teaching and learning activities for primary classrooms
The World of Dr. Seuss WebQuest
Created by Diane K. Brown and Laura P. Ganley.
Dr Seuss Submitted by Kyla Case
Activity ideas for many of his books
Dr Seuss for Grades 1-2
Students will access the internet via pre-determined bookmarks to locate and print information on Dr. Seuss. Lesson Plan.
Learning with Dr. Seuss by Kit Buckner
Lesson Plan.
FME's Tribute to Dr Seuss
Lesson Plan. 5th Grade.
To Dr. Seuss
A Poetry
Storhouse Dr Seuss Free Bookmarks
Print them out.
Lesson ideas and activities - Dr Seuss books
Many art activities are found here.
Lesson ideas and activities based on Dr Seuss books
Miscellaneous activities
Lesson ideas and activities based on Dr Seuss books
Games ideas
Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat Phonogram Reading Lesson Plan by Michelle Burke - AskERIC
After reading "Cat in the hat", children will try to decode words here.


Seussville : Green Eggs and Ham Picture Scramble
Complete the puzzle online. Requires shockwave to play.
Incredible Edible Recipes
Cook some green eggs and ham
Egg Carton Critters
Color-Your-Own Green Eggs and Ham Placemat
Print it out to color.
Green Eggs and Ham by Katy Smith
Review and activities
Green Eggs and Ham
Story of Green Eggs and Ham
Principles of Microeconomics
Math Homework
Green Eggs and Ham by KYReads
Lesson plan and activities
Green eggs and ham Challenge Words by KYReads

Hop on Pop by MaryAnn Bartlett
Review and activities
Hop on Pop by Elizabeth Hourigan
Initial and Final Sounds With Dr. Seuss' Hop on Pop . 1st Grade
Pup in cup (from Hop on Pop)
Printable worksheet
The ball is small (from Hop on Pop)
Printable worksheet

The Cat in the Hat by Betty Alexander
Review and activities
Meet the man who wrote "The Cat in the hat"
This lesson is designed for fourth and fifth grade Title 1 students.
The cat in the hat by Shelley Yamnitz
Student will learn various phonograms and identify these phonograms through several words in context. Also, student will learn to read four more difficult words (mother, trick, thing, fish).
A Rainy Day with The cat in the hat : Teaching With Technology by Debbie Kunz
Grade : 1st. Length of Lesson: Several class periods of about 30 minutes each should be spent on this lesson until students have visited all the activity centers. Lesson Objective/Overview: Combining computer interaction with reading, writing, and drama, students will develop observation skills, story comprehension, knowledge of contrasting adjectives, and rhyming skills. Students will utilize writing skills to communicate their ideas. A read aloud of The Cat in the Hat will lead the students into group and individual activities that will include using the computer, dramatic play, and a rhyme rap.
The cat in the hat by KYReads
Lesson plan and activities.
The Cat in the hat Challenge Words by KYReads

Oh, the Places We Went
A fifth grade unit based on the the biography Oh, the Places He Went, a story about Dr. Seuss.

Please see Page 2 for more Dr. Seuss' Books & Lesson Plans :

My Many Colored Days
The Sneetches and other stories
The Lorax
Fox in Socks