The Gingerbread Man

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The Gingerbread Man Book Study
This page contains books, songs, poems, language/ group activities, math activities, learning centers, art activities, snacks, and internet resources.

The gingerbreadman book study
lots of ideas, songs etc

AUTHOR: Rosemary Valdez - GRADE LEVEL: K-2

The gingerbreadman literature activities

A Book-A-Week : The Gingerbread Man
Classroom and printable pdf format activities.

Gingerbread House
Worksheet by Bryback

The Gingerbread Man Theme
Language Art Lesson Plan. Lots of pictures of craft work, bulletin boards and more.

Unit lesson on the gingerbread man by Georgeann O'Connell
Materials Required: Book-The Gingerbread Man (2 versions), teacher-made gingerbread shaped sequencing cards Activity Time: Week long unit which includes several lessons Concepts Taught: Retelling, sequencing, characterization, rewriting

Gingerbread baby Transfers
Iron-On pictures to print out for your T-Shirts from jan Brett

Gingerbread Baby Bookmarks
Print out these pretty colored bookmarks from Jan Brett

Gingerbread Baby
Coloring activity

Gingerbread Baby Recipe
Try some baking from Jan Brett

Gingerbread baby icing
For your gingerbread from Jan Brett

Make a gingerbread baby house
Print out the templates and start your project

The Gingerbread Man Theme
Lesson plan, activities, lots of pictures of children's work. Good site


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