Pancakes, Pancakes 
























Jack wakes up one morning desiring pancakes for breakfast. He has to

retrieve all the ingredients. Once he has all of the ingredients and his

mother fixes the pancakes Jack sits down to a delicious breakfast of pancakes.











                                      Author:  Eric Carle

                                 Illustrator:  Eric Carle       

                                         ISBN:   0-590-44453-0


Open Ended

--- Conversation Questions---


(1)            Recall what the story is about.       

(Answer)   Jack wanting pancakes for breakfast and all he has to go through to get them.

(Follow Up) Tell me your favorite breakfast food.    


(2)            Suppose you are Jack, how would you like having to gather all of the ingredients for your pancake.     

(Answer)  Any logical answer.  

(Follow Up) Share about a time you had to gather ingredients for something.   


(3)            Pretend you are Jack’s mom, how would you like having to fix breakfast?

(Answer)  Any logical answer.

(Follow Up)  What is the one thing that took you the longest to fix?       


(4)            Reminisce about a time that you helped fix breakfast.

(Answer)  Any logical answer

(Follow Up)  List what all you fixed.


(5)            Define “flail”

(Answer)  An instrument used to separate the grain from the chaff.

(Follow Up)  How does it work?


(6)            Name what Jack wanted for breakfast.

(Answer)   Pancakes.

(Follow Up)   Share what animal woke Jack up.


(7)            Recall what the first thing was that Jack had to get.

(Answer)  Flour.

(Follow Up)  How did Jack get the wheat to the mill?


(8)     The egg came from what? And what color was the chicken?

          (Answer)  Chicken, black.

(Follow Up)  Recall the amount of eggs that was needed.


(9)     Jack made butter in what?

          (Answer) Churn.

          (Follow Up) Ladle was used for what?


(10)   Tell me how Jack’s mom turned the pancake.

(Answer)   She flipped it.

          (Follow Up)   Tell me what was put on top of the pancake.







1.    List all of the ingredients needed to make a pancake.


2.    Draw and label Jack’s breakfast. Draw the plate, utensils, pancake, and the strawberry jam on the top and label them.


3.    Write down at least seven breakfast foods.


4.    Have the children make up their recipe. Be sure to tell what it is, all of the ingredients and how much of each.






1.    Bring in a recipe book. Look through the book and read off some of the recipes. Ask child to tell you what ingredients that they think are in pancakes. Let’s read and see what ingredients it takes to make pancakes.


2.    Bring in different pictures of breakfast foods. Have the children tell you what they like for breakfast. If you wanted breakfast, how would you go about getting it? Let’s read and see what all Jack has to do when he wants pancakes for breakfast.


3.    Bring in a skillet and pictures of pancakes or an empty pancake mix box. Ask the child to tell you how they would go about fixing pancakes. Let’s read and see how Jack fixes his pancakes.