After losing all his brothers and sisters, Swimmy travels through the sea and teaches a group of small fish how to scare the big fish. 







Author: Leo Lionni

Illustrator: Leo Lionni

   ISBN: 0-394-82620-5 







Open Ended

--- Conversation Questions--- 

  1. Recall who was the main character in the story?

(Answer) Swimmy

(Follow Up) Name some different places that fish live? 

  1. Share how you think Swimmy felt when he lost his brothers and sisters?

(Answer) Any logical answer.

(Follow Up) How many brothers and sisters do you have? 

  1. Suppose that you were Swimmy, what would you have done when you were all alone?

(Answer) Any logical answer.

(Follow Up) What is your favorite thing to do when you’re alone? 

  1. Describe a time that you and your friends got together to do something?

(Answer) Any logical answer.

(Follow Up) What are some other things that big groups do? 

  1. What is the ”deep, wet, world”?

(Answer) the ocean

(Follow Up) When have you been to the ocean or beach? 

  1. Tell how Swimmy lost his brothers and sisters?

(Answer) a tuna fish ate them

(Follow Up) What is something we make with tuna? 

  1. Name first wonderful creature Swimmy saw?

(Answer) a rainbow jellyfish

(Follow Up) How many different colors do you think are in a rainbow jellyfish? 

  1. Explain how the little fish scared the big fish?

(Answer) They swam together to make one big fish.

(Follow Up) Why do you think the little fish wanted to swim around and play? 

  1. Name what part of the big fish Swimmy was?

(Answer) the eye

(Follow Up) Why did Swimmy make a good eye? 

  1. Tell who taught the little fish to swim together?

(Answer) Swimmy

(Follow Up) Who taught you how to swim?

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  1. In your opus write a list of all the different things they thought of while holding the seashell.


  1. Write down another way you think Swimmy could have been safe from the big fish. Draw a picture of you idea.


  1. Draw a picture of all the different creatures that Swimmy met on his journey. Under each creature label what it is.










Thanks to Shannon Roberts Bailes of KY-READS.