Classroom Management Approaches
What characterizes an effective classroom management approach and what should teachers look for when considering using it in their classroom?

Behaviour : You can handle them all
A free discpline resource from a Master Teacher. Solutions for handle 117 misbehaviour problems. A must see.

Classroom Management Concepts
Another good site. Lots of ideas and information.

Critical Thinking
What is critical thinking and strategies to promote it.

Lesson Plan Design
Planning involves several stages; the major two with which we are concerned at this point is UNIT PLANNING and LESSON PLANNING.

Five Common Mistakes in Writing Lesson Plans (and how to avoid them )

Learning Styles in Young Children: Modality
The following article will help you identify your child's learning style and give you some information on how instruction can be tailored to meet each child's needs.

Guidelines for Computer-Assisted Reading Instruction
Guidelines for computers and reading