The Learning Studio (science activities)
Idea Box (education resource & activities)
Global Schoolnet Foundation
Science & Nature for Kids
Great links and resources 5/5
Athena : Earth and Space Science for K-12
projects and guides for teachers on how to implement it
Yucky Teacher Center
Yucky teaching units (for grades 3-8 and K-2) correlate with the science topics in the Yucky Site
The Exploratorium Science Snacks
miniature science exhibits that teachers could make using common, inexpensive, easily available materials. By using Snacks in their classrooms, teachers can climb out of the textbooks and join their students in discovering science for themselves.
Space Educators' Handbook Home Page
Rich information about space and there is a coloring book with information too.
Lunar Phases Web Tool
Tutorial about the moon. There are teacher directions.
Solar System Guide: Planet Formation
Learn about space. There's teacher's guide, sample lessons and activities. K-12
Lincoln Park Zoo Educational Program
Lesson Plans for 2 and 3 Graders about animal adaptations, behaviours and why they are divided into groups like mammals etc. Worksheets are also available in the lesson plan. Available in pdf format.
Science Online
Great Source for Science Lesson Plans. GrK-8.
Neuroscience For Kids
A great place to learn about science for kids and teachers.

Farm for Teachers
Farm related sites, lots of them

Teaching in The Learning Web
Printable activities and lesson plans in pdf format. K-12 Learn how Biology, Geology, Hydrology, and Geography can help us understand our changing world. 4/5
EPA Teachers' Resources & Tools
Get free educational kits and guides about waste reduction and more.

Ask Dr Math
There are lesson plans, activities and forum to discuss math problems or how to teach math. K onwards
Silver Burdett Ginn - 5/5
Kindergarten Math activities, lesson plans, worksheets and internet based lessons on math 5/5 must see

Story Creations by SearsPotrait
K-Elementary - Print out stories with your children's name on it . The kids will love this. 5/5