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Literature-Based lesson plans and activities
If you love using literature to teach, you will love this site

Southern Company Teacher's Manual
Use this quick reference chart to apply sections of this site to the National Science Education Standards, and most state and local curricula. Print out or bookmark the pages you need for class. Lesson plans are in printable pdf format. You can even request for a printed copy.

Electricity and Safety Lesson plan for 4th grade
This lesson will use internet web sites to reinforce learning about electricity, and will introduce safety issues and concepts on circuits.

Science:K - Elementary
Lots of science lessons/activities for K - 5.

Marvellous Machines
This is a series of experiments about simple machines: levers, wheels and inclined planes. This unit was designed for use in the third grade.

A World In Motion
The A World in Motion kit contains a Teacherís Guide, helpful booklets for implementing the engineering design team concept in the classroom and for gathering materials, a video, a letter to parents, and 5 dynamic posters. It also includes student and volunteer recognition certificates, orientation material, 3 levels of in-class extended projects/lessons with log books, and follow-up experiments. Free for educators.

Work is simple with Simple Machines
Students participating in this project will investigate simple machines and their usefulness in everyday life.

Simple Machines WebQuest by Jane Catlin and John Walsh
Learn definitions and to identify examples of simple machines. Investigate various compound and complex machines and locate examples of each simple machine defined. Create a new compound machine to solve a problem.

PH@school : Chemistry
PH@School Web pages for Addison-Wesley Chemistry and Prentice Hall Chemistry. Here you can have additional ideas to your textbook . Have your children do online activities and more

PH@school : Middle Grades Sciences
Choose the book to go to this online study unit with lots of internet activities. Good Site with many different science units to choose from. The ideas here supplements the textbooks used.

Exploring Leonardo
Explore this site and learn about this fascinating scientist, inventor, and artist. Teachers notes and activity ideas plus lesson.


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