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Literature-Based lesson plans and activities
If you love using literature to teach, you will love this site

Understanding Manatees
Read about manatees, a manatee math lesson plan

Lesson Plans on Snails
Has worksheets too

Manatee Education Materials
An Educator's Guide (5th Edition) is available FREE for educators. This publication includes information on the natural history,

Shark Activities
Read the facts. Lesson plan - 1. To familiarize students with the basic body parts of sharks. 2. To familiarize students with some of the common names of different shark species. 3. To compare the structure of sharks with that of bony fish. 4. To identify the largest sharks, and estimate their physical size. Worksheets included.

Whales and Dolphins Activities
Read the facts. Lesson plan - To understand why whales are classified as mammals.

Invertebrate Activities : Economics/Social Studies
Read the facts. Lesson plan - To discover the variety of invertebrates used for food by recording the names, prices, and packing origin of invertebrates in the local supermarket. Worksheets included.

TechnoZoo: Designing a Zoo Habitat
Students will learn to: Explore the requirements of a habitat that are suitable for the survival of most animals. Use telecommunications technology to obtain information to solve a probelm. Utilize math, science, English, and technology skills to design a zoo. Work together in teams to complete a collaborative research project.

Insects in the Classroom
Several lesson Plans for Elementary through high school. Entomology Newsletters for teachers. 5/5

Project Wild Learning Tree
Project WILD, Project WILD Aquatic, Project Learning Tree and Project Wet are four national award-winning environmental education programs the Illinois Department of Natural Resources sponsors. 4 different lesson plan projects for pre K-12.

Tree Kit Teachers
Teacher's Guide for K-3. Several of them.

Treasures@Sea : Lessons Caught in the Net
A whole list of lesson plans related to water, sea/ocean life, K-12.

Oceanography Lesson Plans
Integrating the study of science, math, social studies, physical education, creative art, and language arts through the application of oceanography topics in the classroom. Many lesson plans available.

The Great Plant Escape
Activity guides to the Great Plant Escape for 4th and 5th grade. Interdisciplinary program to introduce students to plant science and increase their understanding of how foods grow.

Tiger Information Center Teachers' Resources
Teacher's Guide categorised into grade levels for 1-8. Includes worksheets.

Geoguide Lesson Plan about tigers
Classroom ideas for K-12 about tigers. Download another Lesson Plan guide in pdf format there.

Night Creatures of the Kahalari
Teachers's Guide to Life Science: biology, ecology in the Kalahari. Activity about the spider too. Download it in pdf format.

Bison Sites of Texas
Lesson Plan. Learn to use a Texas state map by locating bison-related sites .

Texas Parks & Wildlife : Wildlife is Everywhere
Lesson Plan for Grades K-3 (or older).

Texas Parks & Wildlife : Habitat Hunt
Lesson Plan . Learn about Wildlife Habitat and Ecology!

Texas Parks & Wildlife : Good Buddies
Lesson Plan . The intricate web of interdependence within which all plants and animals live.
Read thisChichuahuan Desert Adaptation. "Good Buddies" Dependency Relationships

Texas Parks & Wildlife : At Home in the Marsh
Lesson that includes facts and worksheet activity about the marshland in Texas.

Whales : A Thematic Web Unit
Lesson plan and activities categorised under different grades K-8.

Perfectly Penguins
Learn about five different kinds of penguins and their habitat, diet and special features. This lesson is designed for Kindergarteners as it relates to Living Things, Life Science, and Visual and Preforming Arts. This lesson can easily be adapted to First or Second grade with English Language Learners. Very good site.

Why Do Animals Migrate? (Monarch Butterfly)
Students will: Identify the monarch when compared to other butterflies. Understand the life cycle of a butterfly by direct observation of butterfly metamorphosis from eggs to adult insect. Classify and compare the monarch group with other butterfly groups. Track the seasonal migration patterns of the monarch on a map. View a laserdisc showing pictures of monarchs and other butterflies

Keeping our planet green
Lesson plans, activities and resources

From Seed to Plant by Marcia Goudie, Montessori Children's School
Grades: 1-3. Subject : Science. Objectives : Identify plant parts, where seeds come from and how they grow. Determine what plants need to survive . Recognize how plants are a benefit to people and our planet.

Plants Unit By Suzanne McGuire
Grades: PreK-1st grades. In "Plants," you will find five hands on lesson plans to introduce plants to your class.

PHOTOSYNTHESIS: How do plants make food?
What happens inside plants when the sun is shining or when it is raining? How do plants in the desert survive? How important are plants to our environment? What might happen if there were none?

A Year of Trees: 18 Activities
This Tree Unit is ideal for the Fall or Spring and can be used as a unit of study several weeks long or modified to fit into a week's worth of classes. It also can be spread over all 4 seasons, which will aid in the comprehension of how trees and plants change and grow with time. Grade : 3-6 but can be modified to suit 1st Grade too.

Finger Leaf Prints
Children will observe the different shapes, sizes, and vein patterns of leaves as they make fingerpaint leaf prints

Australian Animals (Gr. 3-5)
Webquest and Kidpix presentation.

Pond Explorer : Virtual Pond Dip
Activity ideas and worksheets - pond bugs.

North American Biomes
Good site.

Trees, Trees, Trees !! by Vicki Vrooman
Printable lesson plan in pdf format for grades 2-5. To increase awareness and knowledge of trees. Lots of activities.

Pond Ecology Curriculum Unit
For Gr. 7. Good lesson plan

Unit on Alaskan moose, using all subjects by Michelle C. Massion
For Gr. 3-6. The following lesson/unit encourages interaction and open communication among students, local wildlife agency game biologists, Athabascan Indian elders, parents, and teachers. The lesson integrates math, science, reading, language arts, social studies, art, and cooking as part of an Alaskan unit on moose.

Turtle Tales (K-2)
Good lesson plan on this unit. Has many pictures, even a turtle hatching. Links to other turtle sites.

Animals of Australia (Gr. 3-4)
To use the Internet to search for information and pictures of Australian animals. To compare and contrast native animals of Australia and Louisiana. To create reports describing the habitat and diet of an Australian animal.

Bb is for Birds (Gr. K-2)
A simple webquest.

Ocean Friends P2 Teacher's Guide
The Ocean Friends Teacher's Guide for grades P-2 was developed at SeaWorld to help you teach your students - in an active, hand-on way - about the marine environment and how animals adapt to survive in different habitats. Our goal is to integrate science, mathematics, art, geography, and language

Many insect lesson plans found here. Good site.

Insect Lesson Plans
Lots of lesson plans available for Grades K-12. Good site.

The Green Frog News
Downloadable and reproducible student newsletters, experiments and teacher's guide available here. Great site.


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