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Literature-Based lesson plans and activities
If you love using literature to teach, you will love this site

The American Revolution: an Interdisciplinary Lesson by Alison Gargano
Grade Level: Grade 4. The overall objective of this unit is for children to become immersed in all aspects of Colonial life during the time of the American Revolution as well as the war itself. Not only will the students understand the major aspects of the American Revolution, they will become knowledgeable about major people who lived during this time, customs, and life styles of the time period. The will also understand the political situation from both the American and British Perspective

Students reference : The American Revolution

Age of Exploration for 3rd Grade by Jimmie Bindseil
This unit covers the exploration of Florida, the American Southwest, and the search for a Northwest passage to Asia during the Age of Exploration. In-depth information on each explorer and relevant activities have been included to facilitate students understanding of concepts. Students are asked to consider and evaluate the actions of each explorer and the resulting consequences.

Student Reference : Explorer
Power Point Presentation by students

Digital Atlas of Idaho Teaching Modules
Teaching guide, lessons about Idaho geography and ecology.

Where Am I? : Navigating Around the Globe
Lesson plan for 3rd Grade. 8 Lessons. Understanding how to read and use maps.

1997 Curriculum Materials for Grades K-12
17 lesson plans and guides for teachers. Lessons on Asian cultures and countries too.

World Geography Lesson Plans
Many lesson plans to choose from.

National Geographics : The Underground Railroad
Lesson plans categorised under different grades.

Social Studies : Society
4 lesson plans to choose from for K-12. 1. Neighborhood awarenes 2. What can be done about garbage ? 3. The 96' US Presidential campaign 4. Different cultural approach to Thanksgiving.

Lesson Plans/Units for teaching Biographies for 3rd Grade.

Wonderful World of Geography
Many lesson plans, cliparts, maps and more. Good site.

The United States of America by Heather Lewi
Lesson plan for a 3rd grade class but can be adapted for other grades. It's a simple webquest where the children choose a state and learn about the state.

Introduction to Maps
Lesson plans.

Reading a Jolly Map (Map Skills)
Objective: Students will complete sentences by reading a map. For K-3. Worksheet provided.

Map Adventures (grades K-3)
Students will learn basic concepts for visualizing objects from different perspectives and how to understand and use maps. Worksheet provided.

Printable outline maps
Choose by country and print it out.

CEC - Social Studies Lesson Plans K-12
Choose from the many lesson plans available here.

Colonial Williamsburg Resources for teachers and students
Lessons as well as lesson plans of Colonial life.

The Pilgrim Life Adventure
Lesson plan. Grade level : 1-2

Ancestors - Teacher's Guide
This guide is designed to help teachers and students in grades 7-12 use the Ancestors series as a starting point to actively discover their ancestors. It will introduce important steps and principles of family history research, and will provide family history assignments.

American Memory : Lesson Ideas by Library of Congress
Lesson Ideas offer strategies and lesson plans developed by education professionals to help integrate primary sources, especially those in American Memory, into the classroom.

Smithsonian : How Americans elect their President
Lesson plan.

American Presidents: Life Portraits
complete video archive of all American Presidents: Life Portraits programming, plus these additional resources: Biographical facts/Key events of each presidency/Presidential places/ Reference material/Teacher guides

AFRICA: It's Not a Country
Lesson Plans for Teaching About Africa in the Early Elementary Grades

The Age of Exploration Curriculum Guide
Maritime discovery from ancient times to Captain Cook's 1768 voyage to the South Pacific. Teachers can use the curriculum guide in a variety of ways. It is especially appropriate for grades 5, 8, and high school world history and geography. The curriculum weaves together visual images, video, and text, as well as materials that can be downloaded or printed for transparencies, presentations, or reports. It includes lesson plans, vocabulary, links to related web sites, and guides to other reference materials.

When Travelers Meet
Language Arts Activity. By putting the information they have into dramatic form, students can compare and contrast social and cultural life in the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies

The Colonial Puritan Period by Patricia Thomson
Lesson plan. Kind of a webquest.

Lesson plan. For grades 4-8.

The Thirteen Colonies
Lesson plans and reference aids


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