(Specially Design Academic Instruction in English)

For those who were asking what SDAIE is about, I have done some research for you. Check out the links and find it out.

What is SDAIE ?

All About SDAIE
Frequently Asked Questions by Teachers

PLC 914 Syllabus : Teaching in the Content Areas: ELD & SDAIE
Course designed to equip Bilingual/Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development (B/CLAD) teacher candidates with the knowledge and skills to effectively organize and implement instruction for limited English proficient students in bilingual and English language development programs.

An ELD/SDAIE Lesson Plan (ESL). Has visual slides plus worksheet activity.

Ocean Movements
A Model Integrated Thematic Unit for English Language Learners

SDAIE Teacher Training Online
2 Lesson plans available for 1st Grade or early elementary.
1 lesson plan for Grade 9-12

SDAIE Handbook: Techniques, Strategies, and Suggestions for Teachers of LEP and Former LEP Students

Applying Best Special Education Practices
Direct Instruction/SDAIE Lesson Plan Format

MARE: Marine Activities, Resources & Education
MARE serves K-8th grade classroom teachers and their students and informal science educators, nationally and internationally. Teachers training course.

Thematic Hawaiian Islands
An SDAIE lesson plan for 2nd graders.

EElB 636 Advanced Science Methods -- Fall 1998
Intensive study of teaching science in elementary school. Includes blank lesson plan format for SDAIE.

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