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Frogapult Game
Catapult the frog and get points. Download it and play.
A Rainbow of Frogs
Learning about colors with frogs for young kids.
Java Frog Puzzle
Rearrange the puzzle
Free Game for you to play, download.
Hungry Frog Shockwave Game
Click on a frog to make him eat the bug overhead. Choose from topics. Learning activity
Frogs and Lilypads -- a Problem
Try solving this problem
Frog Math Game
Help the frog to move over to the other side of the pond. Click on the next number in sequence to make the frog move. Games is designed to help children understand basic concepts in mathematics.
Tree Frog Game
Help the frog to catch the bugs
Tree Frog
Add this tree frog to your page to see how he inquisitively follows your mouse and eats the flies you give him.
The case of the disappearing frogs
This is a fun detective activity. Try it out
Singing along at Ribbit Pond
Your job is to click on the frogs who called in the same order you heard them call.
Make a toad home
Print it out and learn to make your own.

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