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  1. Grow a Frog : Teacher's Manual
    Printable pdf copy

  2. How Far Can a Frog Jump?
    A math activity for 4th grade. Introducing the metric system.

  3. Five Little Frogs
    Grade Level/Subjects: K through 2 Math and Music Lesson Plan. You can use this lesson plan together with the 5-Little Speckled frog worksheets

  4. Frog Metamorphosis: A Change For the Better
    To introduce students to the concept of metamorphosis as practiced by frogs

  5. Frogs: A Thematic Unit Plan Submitted by: Lisa Turturice
    For Grade 2. To help children broaden their concepts of living things as they learn more about the metamorphosis and development of frogs.- To help children develop an understanding of the basic needs of animals through the study and care of tadpoles as they develop into adult frogs.

  6. Frog and Toad Unit
    Lesson ideas.

  7. Small Pond Teacher's Notes
    Lesson plan based on Australian stamps : Pond Theme. Can be adapted for use in any classroom. In pdf printable format.

  8. Frogs: Fact and Folklore by Audrey Carangelo
    Grade level : 6-8. Students will understand the following: 1. The importance of frogs in their local ecosystem. 2. Why a frog is uniquely suited to its habitat.

  9. Frog finds his family Webquest
    With this WebQuest, students will be able to learn some facts about frogs without actually going to a pond. For grades K

  10. Tadpole Transformation
    For grades K-2. Make a tadpole puppet that transforms into a frog. Pdf format file.

  11. The Metamorphosis of Frogs by Maria Ragucci
    Grade Level: 3, 4. Objectives: Predicting: make statements about what the frogs will look like next time the class observes them.

  12. Frog ID: My Frog is Missing
    Level of Activities: 2nd - 4th grade. Lesson plan and student activities.

  13. Circle Fractions Frog Craft: Shapes, Scissor Skills, Colors, Fractions, and Counting
    This craft can be used to teach a variety of skills. You don't have to use all the thoughts for lessons... just choose the ones you're working on with your child

  14. Survival of the Mutant Toad by Retha M. Edens
    Grade Level: 3, 4, 5, 6. To learn about the importance of camouflage. To increase students' knowledge about toads, habitats, predators, and prey.

  15. It's a Frog's Life Created by: Kristen Liesch
    Learn about the life cycle of a frog through information provided on the Internet, literature, and observations of live animals.

  16. The Frog WebQuest by Emily Campbell
    Understanding of frogs and some of their life processes

  17. Frogs - Science Web Quest Created by: Beth Zemke
    5 and 6 graders. Students will develop an appreciation for the role frogs and other amphibians play in their ecosystems and learn about the anatomy of the frog.

  18. Frog Finds His Family.
    Designed by Shannon Schwartz

    A WebQuest for Kindergarten Science

  19. Frog and Toad WebQuest
    Written by: Anne Juola Tymesha Williams Allyson Maiolo (Lunde)

    A WebQuest for 2nd Grade Science and Literacy.

  20. How to dissect a frog video
    Watch this science video on how to dissect a frog.

  21. Frog Unit Study
    A very good site for teachers who are doing a unit on frogs.

  22. Science Unit: The fate of frogs
    Students examine the important role frogs play in their terrestrial ecosystems and why they are considered �environmental indicators.? They investigate factors threatening frog populations and develop an action plan to increase the diversity of frog species in their local area. Knowledge, understandings. For Year 3-6


  1. Posters of Life Cycle of A Frog
    Print it out to display in the class.

  2. Power Point Presentation of the life cycle of a frog
    Click to download it..

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