Tongueless Frogs

How do these frogs hunt for food

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Do you know that there are frogs that have no tongues? These are the Pipidae, a family of tongueless frogs. They are found in South America and sub-Saharan Africa. These frogs have webbed feet, claws on their foes and a flat body adapted to their aquatic life. The sides of their body have a lateral line. This helps them sense movement in the water, like a fish. Their ears are able to produce and received sound underwater. Bony rods in the larynx make up for the absence of a tongue in helping these frogs make sounds. There are 32 species of these tongueless frogs.

Below are some of them:

  • Surinam toads
  • Dwarf clawed frogs
  • Merlin's clawed frog
  • tropical clawed frog
  • common clawed frog
  • African clawed frog
  • Congo clawed frog
  • Muller's Platanna
  • Muller's Platanna
  • Mwanza Frog

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