Valentine Crafts For Kids

Valentine Heart-shaped books and cards

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Materials :

pencils, color pencils
type of paper will depend on which craft you choose to make

Method :

First make your own heart template by printing out the below patterns and cut it out on a cardboard or manila card. It can be used over and over again. Cut an extra larger templates by measuring outwards of the largest template and cut it out. I choose to use 1/2" larger than the largest template here for all my books or cards.

Heart Template

Valentine Heart Card or Book Cover 1

Materials :
colored construction/sugar paper
magazine paper (choose those which are pretty and colorful)

Valentine Heart Card or Book Cover 2

Materials :

colored construction/sugar paper for only the cover (front and back)
magazine paper for all the inside pages of the book
white paper (cut 1 size smaller than the cover)

The inside pages are of magazine paper or even newspaper. A piece of heart shaped white paper, smaller than the cover is pasted on the magazine pages inside so that children can write on them.

Doily Valentine Booklet

Materials :
red construction/sugar paper for the cover (front and back) and the smaller heart on cover
used brown paperbags for all the inside pages of the book
white or cream colored piece of paper
pinking shears or craft scallop-shape scissors
single hole puncher (choose one with small holes)
optional - paper crimpler
The pages inside are cut out from blank used brown paper bags (recyle). This way, children can write on the inside pages.

Doily Valentine Mobile

Materials :
colored construction/sugar paper
brightly colored glitter glue to write words
white piece of paper to make the doily by punching holes
pinking shears or craft scallop-shape scissors

Cut 2 pieces of heart on the colored paper. They must be smaller than the doily piece (white paper). Cut doily piece larger than the colored piece. Punch patterned holes to make it look like a doily. Paste colored heart on both sides of the doily before you punch holes. Write words with glitter glue. Attach ribbon and hang up as mobile in class.


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