Valentine Crafts For Kids

Valentine Tear and Paste Activities for kids

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Materials :

pencils, color pencils
type of paper will depend on which craft you choose to make

Method :

First make your own heart template by printing out the below patterns and cut it out on a cardboard or manila card. It can be used over and over again. Cut an extra larger templates by measuring outwards of the largest template and cut it out. I choose to use 1/2" larger than the largest template here for all my books or cards.

Heart Template

Heart Tear and paste

Materials :

heart shaped manila card or any thick card
pink and red construction paper

Apply good quantity of glue on the heart. Tear and paste pink and red colored paper on it. If you wish to make this into a card, just fold the cardboard before you cut out the heart shape. Be sure to leave at least 1" uncut on the fold so that it will open like a card.

Valentine Heart Tear and paste

Materials :

1 piece of dark colored construction/sugar paper
pink and red construction paper

Trace heart shape on dark colored construction paper. One big and a smaller size heart on the inside. This is to give the children a guideline on where to paste the paper. Apply a good quantity of glue within that outline heart space. Tear and paste red and pink construction paper on it. This can be made into a card too.

Valentine Heart Collage mobile

Materials :
Manila card/cardboard
Variety of colored paper

Trace heart shaped on cardboard. Use the largest pattern/template. Then trace 1" out from the shape to make a bigger heart. Cut out the heart shape and the inside piece too. Apply good quantities of glue. Tear and paste colored paper on it. Do it on both sides if possible. Make it colorful. Punch a hole in the center, tie a string and hang it up as a mobile.

Valentine Tear and Paste Photo Frame

Materials :
rectangle piece of cardboard (from used boxes)
variety of colored paper
1 piece of rectangle (same size as cardboard) manila card or cardboard

Trace heart shape on manila card. Cut out shape Apply good quantity of glue on card. Tear colored paper in medium sizes and paste it on. Arrange and paste photo on the other piece of cardboard. Paste this piece to the back of the first piece.

Valentine heart and Alphabet V tear and paste

This is a very easy craft for very young children. Purpose : Learn the letter "V" while doing this activity. Just draw a large V on the heart. Tear colored paper into small pieces and paste it on the V shape.


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