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Slimy, the Snail

Searches for a new home

By Maggie (02/26/1999)

Slimy was a young snail. Slimy got sick of staying in its old home. So, one day, Slimy decided to look for a new home.

Slimy travelled for a long time, slowly crawling and searching. To Slimy it felt like a very long and tiring journey but he was determined. Then Slimy reached a garden. It was a beautiful garden with so many flowers and plants. Slimy was so excited when it saw the garden. Slimy wanted to make this place its new home.

The first thing Slimy did when it got to the garden was eat. Slimy was so hungry from all the travelling it did. Slimy found a nice delicious plant to feed on. The leaves were so green and juicy. "Just nice for me, yum !" said Slimy.

Slimy spend the next several days just eating and relaxing until almost all the leaves on that plant was almost gone. "Time to move on to another delicious plant", Slimy thought. That was what Slimy did exactly. It moved on to a new plant. Just about when Slimy wanted to start eating, there was a loud shriek. Slimy peeked out and saw a lady. She looked upset and angry looking at the plant that Slimy had eaten. "Oh, oh ", said Slimy. "This does not look good." Slimy was frighten and hid under a leaf so that the lady cannot see or find it.

Click on the leaf to see Slimy hiding.

The lady searched all over, trying to get the culprit who was responsible for destroying her beautiful plant. Lucky thing for Slimy, she did not see it hiding under the leaf. Unfortunately, some of Slimy's neighbours were not so lucky. The lady caught them and put them all in a bucket and took them away.

Slimy did not wait to see what the lady was going to do with its neighbours. Slimy decided that this was not the place that it wanted to make its home. It was a dangerous place to be in. So, Slimy crawled down from the plant and went on its journey to find a new home again.

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