How To Care For Your Pet Frog

Guide to choosing the right frog and how to care for it

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Things to Consider Before You Get a Pet Frog

Just like any other pets, a frog need your commitmment for long term care. It depends on your for their well-being. If you are not prepared for this commitment, do not get one as it will not be fair to the frog.

  • Life spans range from 4-16 years or longer with proper care so it is a long time commitment.
  • Frogs need a clean environment as they are very sensitive to any kind of pollution. Can be quite tedious.
  • Some frogs need certain temperature, light and humidity requirements to thrive.
  • Frogs eat insects, grubs, worms and even mice. Can you handle it?
  • Who will care for your pet frog/frogs when you travel?

Choosing The Right Frog For The Beginner

There are many different species of frogs out there so you would need to do some research as to which one would suit you and your frog best. For a beginner, try to choose based on the criterias below :

  • A captive bred species
  • One that is known for its hardiness and good health
  • Non poisonous
  • The size when it is fully grown. Do you prefer a small or a big frog?
  • The kind of tank required. Some species require a more complicated tank.
  • The type of food it eats. Are they easily available?
  • Does it need to hibernate?
  • Do you prefer the active or less active kind?

Setting Up The Tank

This will depend on which type of frog you chose to be your pet. If you are not sure whether it requires an arboreal, aquatic or semi-aquatic, ask the pet shop ower or do your online research. Below are a few examples of frogs you might want to consider as a pet.

How To Care For Your Pet Frogs

The Red Eye Tree Frog

Caring For Your Red Eye Tree Frog Guide
The Red Eye Tree Frog is very attractive and therefore popular as a pet. However, it can be quite expensive to buy one.

The African Dwarf Frog

Caring For Your African Dwarf Frog

The African Dwarf Frog may not look like the most gorgeous frog in the world but it is small, cute and active and easy to care for, thus most suitable for a beginner. The African Clawed Frog looks almost like the African Dwarf Frog when it is small, so be careful that you do not get confused and buy the wrong one. It can get grow to quite a large size. It is also illegal to keep it in some states.

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How To Make a Tree Frog Habitat

A Guide To Keeping Green Tree Frogs
Download the pdf file here.

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