Labelling and Supplies

Parents are requested to LABEL all their children's things with a permanent market clearly. Also make sure that you bring the following supplies for your child.

1.  A proper sized bag for clothes or work to be taken home
2.  Toothbrush & toothpaste
3.  Clean towel to be changed every Friday
4.  Diapers for those who still wet their bed while they sleep
5.  Pillow and cases (cases to be changed every Friday)
6.  Shampoo (non tangle for girls) - large bottle
7.  Baby bath (large bottle)
8.  Powder 
9.  1 plastic bag for soiled clothings
10. 1-2 sets of spare clothings for changing after bath
11. 2 large boxes of tissue paper
12. Blanket if child needs it (optional)
13. Milk powder if child is still on milk (medium size)
14. Milk bottle to be kept in center
Should we run out of supplies, we will inform you. Kindly cooperate by bringing the supplies as soon as possible for the comfort of your child. Don't deprive your child of the basic necessities because of your carelessness.

NOTE : We will put the milk container in your child's bag once the milk has run out. Please bring new supply of milk the following day.

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