A well-balanced diet is vital in a child's growth and development. Here, we serve our children with freshly cooked and nutritious food. We do not add monosodium glutamate in our food for the children. Our Menu is changed every week and we have six different sets of menu so that our children will not get bored of the food. The food here is Halal too.

Any special diet because of medical problems or religious beliefs have to be brought from home. However, no pork dishes are allowed to be brought to the center.

Parents are welcome to celebrate their children's birthdays here provided they bring their cake and treats to the center by 9.00am. The birthday party will start at their snack time around 9.00 am - 9.30 am. You may bring treats like wafers, cakes, packet drinks, candies, coloring books, balloons, etc for the children. Parents are also required to inform the office one day in advance if they want to celebrate their child's birthday in class. The office will inform the teacher and staff concerned.

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