Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is an important aspect in a child's development. Here, we encourage parents and teachers to work together as a team. Parents must realise that we are early childhood educators who are here to help you in raising and educating your child but no one can replace your importance as a parent. You need to take an interest in your child's work and not leave everything to the teacher. Parents who spend quality time together with their children, guiding them in their work and so on will notice that their children do much better than others.

We encourage our parents talk to our teachers, to see the Progress Reports we send back to you and consult us as to what can be done to help your child in areas that he/she might be poor in. Do not point fingers at teachers when the reports say they are weak in certain areas as this does not help your child. Working together with us and helping your child at home instead will help your child improve more.

For our full-day children age 6, extra lessons will be given to those are weak in their lessons on certain conditions. Please contact our office to find out more.

Here are some suggestions on how you can help your child :

- Reading scheme - 5 mins, 3X a week
- Phonics and spelling - 5 mins, 2X a week
- Maths - 5-10 mins, 2X a week
- Bahasa Malaysia - 5 mins, 2X a week
- Mandarin - 5-10 mins - 3X a week

Do not spend too much time on each subject. You must remember that they are still kids and they need to play. Playing is part of learning too. Do not forget to let them go outdoor to play too too keep them healthy, strong and to develop their large motor skills. A little bruise and dirt here and there will not hurt your child. In fact, it will help them to be tougher and stronger.


Parents are greatly encouraged to volunteer themselves for the following :

o   Story Telling Mom
o   Art & Craft Mom
o   Reading
o   Outdoor Games
o   Indoor Games and Activities
o   Any other skills that you have to offer

You can write in to our office and telling us which area you are interested in volunteering and the days and time that you are available to help. We will inform you when you are needed provided your time and days are suitable to us.

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