Safety Measures

As part of our safety measures, we will not release your child to anyone not listed in your registration form to collect your child.

If you wish to send someone to collect your child in cases of emergency or unforeseen circumstances, please follow the procedures and regulations here to avoid misunderstandings and inconvenience to everyone concerned.

1.  A written letter informing us :
    - name of person coming to collect child
    - I.C. no. of that person if possible
    You will also have to write your name and I.C. No. down.

2.  If you are unable to give a written letter, phone us :
    - give us your full name and I.C. No.
    - name of person coming to collect child
    - I.C. No. of that person
    - Time coming to collect your child

Please remember that we are not trying to make life difficult for you by doing this. This is for the safety of your child. Do not expect us to phone you to ask you if you have sent someone to collect your child. Please be responsible.

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